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Assoc. Prof. Nagihan GÜR




Nagihan Gür currently holds the position of Associate Professor in the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Social Sciences University of Ankara (ASBU), Turkey. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from Istanbul University in 2006, majoring in Turkish Language and Literature, and pursued a double major program in Persian Language and Literature in 2007. As a scholarship recipient, she participated in the Persian Language Teaching Program at Allâme Tabatabâi University in Tehran during the summer of 2007. Subsequently, she completed her Master's degree in the Department of Turkish Literature at Bilkent University in 2009. In the same year, she commenced her doctoral studies at Balıkesir University, Department of Turkish Language and Literature. In 2013, she was awarded the Turkish Language Association (TDK) and TUBITAK Doctoral Research Fellowships. As part of her doctoral research, she served as a visiting doctoral student in the Department of Near East Languages ​​and Civilizations at the University of Chicago in 2013. In 2014, she successfully defended her doctoral thesis titled "Takriz in Classical Turkish Literature" and obtained her Ph.D. degree.

In 2016, Dr. Gür conducted research for her book project on the Scottish Ottomanist E. J. W. Gibb and his private papers as a visiting scholar in the History Department at Cambridge University. Her research involved examining various archives and library collections in Scotland and England. The ongoing project focuses on analyzing Gibb's library, private papers, marginalia, and correspondence to gain insights into his writing process and translation practices, with particular emphasis on his monumental work, "A History of Ottoman Poetry." Dr. Gür is currently engaged in writing a series of articles and a biography of E. J. W. Gibb, continuing her analysis of his original materials. Notably, she held the position of Visiting Associate Professor at the Oriental Institute and Nizami Ganjavi Center of Oxford University during her research leave in 2021-2022, with the aim of finalizing her book on Gibb's monograph. (

In addition to her scholarly pursuits, Nagihan Gür has authored two books, namely Tutinâme (2014) and Hikâyenin Hikâyesi (Osmanlı’da Bir Kadın Anlatısı: Afîfe Hanım Sergüzeşti) (2020). She has also served as the editor of  İskender Pala Armağanı (2021).

Research Interests

Ottoman and Persian literatures, Ottoman cultural history, 19th century Ottoman literary history writing, Scottish orientalist E. J. W. Gibb's biography, his book/manuscripts collection and private papers, Ottoman fortune telling tradition (falnama), takriz-writing (blurb)

Courses Taught

Ottoman Turkish III (TOBB University)

Ottoman Turkish I (Asbü, History Department)

Ottoman Turkish I-II (ASBÜ)

Ottoman Turkish Texts I-II (ASBÜ)

Ottoman Turkish (Asbü Dilmer)

Turkish Language I - II (Asbü)

Persian I (Hacettepe University)

Persian I - II (İstanbul Kültür University, TA)

Classical Turkish Literature I- II- III- IV (İstanbul Kültür University, TA)



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