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Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Social Sciences University of Ankara (ASBU) aims to study and teach Turkish literature in the light of modern criticism theories in comparison with world literature. The aim of the department is to give the students the ability to think critically and to express their ideas effectively in written and oral forms. Department of Turkish Language and Literature, as a research-oriented department, differs from similar programs with the claim that it treats Turkish literature with innovative ideas, perspectives and methods. Department of Turkish Language and Literature focuses on the following research areas, methods and titles: comparative literature, literary theories and criticism, the function of literature in the global world and its interaction with other disciplines, as well as linguistics, text analysis, philology, cultural studies, and the use of digital technologies in social sciences.
In line with the stated aims and objectives, a student-centred teaching model is adopted through which learning is individualized, on-site learning opportunities being provided, enriched with effective thinking and learning methods, hence supporting creativity and originality. We aim to ensure that students gain practical learning experience by participating in national and international projects and exchange programs, participating in social responsibility projects voluntarily, internship opportunities in related institutions and organizations all through their education and training processes. The department of Turkish Language and Literature, offers its students a dynamic research and learning environment with its innovative and interdisciplinary academic staff.

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