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Akademik Personel
Anabilim Dalı
Doktora, Üniversite Adı, Yıl
İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University, the Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences, Turkish Literature, 2011

Murat Cankara majored in history and theory of theatre. He received his PhD, in Turkish literature, from Bilkent University with a dissertation titled “Empire and Novel: Placing Armeno-Turkish Novels in Ottoman/Turkish Literary Historiography” where he focused on the novels written by Ottoman Armenians in the Turkish language using the Armenian script between 1850 and 1870. He was a Fulbright visiting fellow at Harvard University, in the departments of Comparative Literature and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, in the academic year 2007-2008 and a 2012-13 Manoogian Simone Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Armenian Studies Program at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he gave a course on Armeno-Turkish texts. He is currently a member of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at the Social Sciences University of Ankara and is particularly interested in the nineteenth-century literary culture of the Ottoman Empire (and elsewhere), encounters between Armenians and Muslim/Turks, the appropriation of Turkish language by Armenians, the non-Muslim press, and Ottoman/Turkish literary historiography.

Öne Çıkan Özellikler



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